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A Web Service is a method of communication between two electronic devices/programs over a network using a common internet protocol backbone.CA Endevor Web Service can be used to connect your user-written program to the CA Endevor API. One of the most common uses of the CA Endevor Web Service is to connect the Eclipse GUI with the mainframe and CA Endevor. UNIX System Services (USS) is used to configuring and deploying Web Services on your z/OS system. In this course, you will learn what a Web Service is and how it works; more specifically, you will learn how to implement and install the CA Web Service and validate that it's running. You will also learn how to update the Web Service as needed. This course combines content presentation, audio, and hands-on simulations.

Before taking this course, students should have advanced CA Endevor Administrator experience or have taken CA Endevor: Administrators Bundle06END2026B or 06END20261Web-based Training (WBT) or Instructor-Led Training (ILT).

1.5 Hours/Web-Based Training

This course is designed for CA Endevor Administrators, CA Common Services CAICCI Administrators, Security Administrators, and Web Applications Administrators.

  • Introducing Web Services
  • Implementing Web Services
  • Installing and Initiating Tomcat
  • Installing Web Services
  • Enabling Web Services
  • Initializing Web Services
  • Validating API Requests
  • Working with Webhooks
  • Updating Web Services

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