CA File Master Plus for DB2 for IMS: User Basics 200

CA File Master Plus for IMS is an IMS database data manipulation tool that speeds segment editing and data creation. CA File Master Plus for IMS enables you to work interactively via ISPF or issue commands in batch, browse and edit data, and make quick changes to production or test databases. Using step-by-step demonstrations and simulations, this course shows you how to browse and edit IMS databases and use additional utilities.
  • Familiarity with IMS databases
  • Experience with Interactive System Productivity Facility/Program Development Facility (ISPF/PDF)
.5 Day/Web based
This course is designed for:
  • Database Administrator
  • Developer
  • QA/QC Tester
  • Database Analyst
  • Display Setup and Processing Parameters
  • Browse IMS Databases
  • Edit IMS Databases
  • Utilities

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