CA Gen Release 8.x: Analysis 200

Training Summary
In this course, you will: • Learn about the key elements of a data model, as data modeling is a key skill for developing applications in CA Gen. • Learn about activity modeling. This modeling technique uses an Activity Hierarchy diagram to model business activities that will manipulate data. It is important for a business to develop an accurate model of all these activities and to lay the foundation for subsequent system design changes. • Model the lifecycle of an entity in the Entity Life Cycle diagram. This will enable you to record what processes move an entity through various states in a lifecycle. Entity lifecycle diagramming enables you to design more efficient processes and better applications. This course uses step-by-step demonstrations and simulations to show you how to perform the above skills and give you opportunities to practice the skills learned.
There are no prerequisites for this course.
1.5 Hours/Web-based Training
Course Topics

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