CA InterTest™ Batch: Basic Test using Batch Link 200

environments, having reliable tools that drive quality in developing and maintaining associated software assets becomes key to retaining and growing business. CA InterTest Batch helps you deliver quality applications quickly and can improve application stability by preventing errors before they occur. Designed to provide you with automated, reliable, and cost-effective mainframe testing tools, this product helps ensure that programs are well tested before they go into production. This course is designed for programmers who test, debug, and fine-tune COBOL, Programming Language One (PL/I), and Assembler programs, as well as Information Management System/Data Communications (IMS/DC) applications and DB2 stored procedures. It will enable you to start a basic test using Batch Link and issue basic commands.
Experience with programming, 3270 terminals, TSO/ISPF, and JCL
45 Minutes/WBT
COBOL, PL/I, and Assembly Application Developers
  • Describe the different types of intercepts
  • Start a test
  • Read an Intercept panel
  • Issue basic commands

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