CA-Jobtrac Concepts and Facilities

This course teaches all operational aspects of the CA-Jobtrac product, focusing on effective use of automated production control in the data center. CA-Jobtrac features and functions are examined in detail and are reinforced with practical exercises. Students learn effective implementation techniques, daily workflow management, and effective product utilization techniques.

3 Days/Lecture & Lab

This course is designed for anyone working with CA-Jobtrac operations, production control, programmers, and management.

  • CA-Jobtrac Basics
  • CA-Jobtrac Operations Facilities
  • CA-Jobtrac Scheduling Facilities
  • CA-Jobtrac Extended Scheduling Facilities
  • CA-Jobtrac Maintenance
  • Generating Schedules On-Line

Students should be familiar with basic TSO/ISPF skills and JCL and MVS operations.

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