CA-Jobtrac Concepts and Facilities

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CA-Jobtrac Concepts and Facilities

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This course teaches all operational aspects of the CA-Jobtrac product, focusing on effective use of automated production control in the data center. CA-Jobtrac features and functions are examined in detail and are reinforced with practical exercises. Students learn effective implementation techniques, daily workflow management, and effective product utilization techniques.

Students should be familiar with basic TSO/ISPF skills and JCL and MVS operations.

3 Days/Lecture & Lab

This course is designed for anyone working with CA-Jobtrac operations, production control, programmers, and management.

  • CA-Jobtrac Basics
  • CA-Jobtrac Operations Facilities
  • CA-Jobtrac Scheduling Facilities
  • CA-Jobtrac Extended Scheduling Facilities
  • CA-Jobtrac Maintenance
  • Generating Schedules On-Line

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