CA Mainframe Application Tuner: PMA Component User Basics 200

Performance Management Assistant (or PMA), an intelligent lightweight component of CA Mainframe Application Tuner (or CA MAT), is capable of automating most of the daily tasks for application performance monitoring. When configured in your environment, it learns your production applications, calculates the baselines, and alerts you whenever it observes a potential problem, automatically requesting detailed measurements of the problematic applications. You can discover and fix the problem before it actually affects your SLAs. The PMA component also provides a system-wide view of performance for all your applications, allowing discovery of hidden tuning opportunities, which when addressed, directly affect your yearly cost savings. This course will introduce you to the PMA component and how to prepare and process the data. Lastly, the course will discuss the integration of PMA using modern development tools, specifically Zowe.
1.5 Hours/WBT
  • Describe PMA
  • Prepare the Data
  • Process the Data
  • Integration of PMA with Modern Development Tools

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