CA-OPS/MVS Automation Point Notification Manager Essentials

This course is designed to help you configure, implement, and maintain the CA-Automation Point Notification Manager component. This course focuses specifically on Notification Manager, and excludes other CA-Automation Point topics such as RULES, REXX, and Script programming.This enables the attendee to configure Automation Point and develop automation applications on the Windows platform. Quizzes, reviews, and hands-on labs are used to reinforce presented topics.
Students entering this course should have end user knowledge of Windows.
2 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for automation analysts and systems programmers.
  • Introduction to CA-Automation Point
  • Notification Manager Administration
  • Notification Manager troubleshooting
  • The Automation Point Voice Interface
  • Notifications originating from other platforms
  • Notification Manager database maintenance
  • Additional CA-Automation Point Notification Services

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