CA Output Management for End-users

Training Summary
This course is designed to teach an overview of the capabilities and architecture of the CA Output Management products CA-View and CA-Deliver, and provide hands-on training of end-user functions of the CA-View and the CA Output Management Web Viewer. Students will get hands-on experience in how to get job output into CA-View, and how to view and print SYSOUT, reports, and report bundles using the CA-View 3270 terminal and the CA Output Management Web interface.
Students should have basic familiarity with z/OS Concepts and terminology
1 Day/Lecture & Lab
The audience consists of CA View End-users.
Course Topics
  • Overview of the CA-View Product
  • Relationship of CA-View, CA-Deliver, CA-Spool
  • How to collect job output into CA-View
  • Viewing archived output via 3270 terminal
  • Viewing archived output via web browser
  • Printing archived output
  • Troubleshooting tips and tricks

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