CA SiteMinder 6.0 and BEA WebLogic 8.1 Advanced Integration

This intensive class will teach the students how to integrate BEA WebLogic Server (WLS) with a CA eTrust SiteMinder single sign-on (SSO) infrastructure. Through a combination of presentations and lab work, the students will learn how to deploy SiteMinder agents for protecting WebLogic applications and resources, and how to best leverage the SSO infrastructure from WebLogic Java applications.The course will cover the SiteMinder Application Server Agent for WLS 8.1, and demonstrate how this agent can be used to provide very fine grain authentication and authorization services to Java resources, including Web applications, Enterprise Java Beans (EJB), Java Message Service (JMS) queues, and JDBC Connection Pools that are deployed on a WebLogic Server. The seminar can also include a day, where the students will learn how to use the Java APIs in the SiteMinder Software Development Kit to create custom Agents, Policy Wizards, Identity Management applications, and other custom applications using SiteMinder from Java.
Students should have Knowledge and experience with the BEA WebLogic Application Server or have taken the eTrust SiteMinder Administration course.
3-4 Days/Lecture & Lab
Administrators who require an understanding of how SiteMinder and WebLogic work together to secure Java applications and resources, and how WebLogic applications can participate in Single Sign-on with a SiteMinder infrastructure. It is also designed for Java Developers, Deployment Consultants, and Architects.
  • Introduction
  • Using SiteMinder for Single Sign-On (SSO) and Perimeter Authentication-
  • Using SiteMinder for J2EE Authentication and Authorizations
  • Application Development (optional)

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