CA-SYSVIEW Performance Management: Realtime Performance Monitoring 200

Training Summary
This course provides students the foundation skills needed to successfully install, configure and manage CA SYSVIEW. With a clear understanding of advanced capabilities of CA SYSVIEW, students will be prepared to configure the product to the specific needs of any business environment. Additionally, this training helps to avoid common missteps that can stall progress and negatively impact product implementation.
Students should have a working knowledge of MVS operating system fundamentals. They should also have performance management theory knowledge and a solid understanding of Information Technology (IT) terminology plus familiarity with IPSF application usage.
3 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for Systems personnel responsible for installing, customizing and maintaining CA-SYSVIEW operations, Systems personnel will learn to leverage the functions of CA-SYSVIEW, integrate with other products, and perform detailed performance analysis, conserve resources, and mitigate high-cost performance problems.
Course Topics
  • Basic Navigation and Use
  • Exploitation Options
  • JES2
  • UNIX Systems Services
  • MVS Part 1 – CPU
  • MVS Part 2 – Memory
  • MVS Part 3 – I/O and SYSPLEX
  • MVS Part 4 – Workload Manager (WLM)
  • MVA Part 5 – System Programmer Tools
  • MVS Part 6 – Managing MVS Thresholds
  • CICS
  • MQSeries
  • IMS
  • TCP/IP
  • Introduction to Wily Introscope/SYSVIEW

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