CA SYSVIEW Performance Management v14: Realtime Performance Monitoring 200

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CA SYSVIEW Performance Management v14: Realtime Performance Monitoring 200

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This course provides students the foundation skills needed to successfully install, configure and manage CA SYSVIEW. With a clear understanding of advanced capabilities of CA SYSVIEW, students will be prepared to configure the product to the specific needs of any business environment. Additionally, this training helps to avoid common missteps that can stall progress and negatively impact product implementation.

  • Working knowledge of MVS operating system fundamentals
  • Performance management theory knowledge
  • Solid understanding of Information Technology (IT) terminology
  • Familiarity with IPSF application usage

3 Days/Lecture & Lab

  • Data Center Managers
  • System Programmers
  • Operators

  • CA SYSVIEW Introduction
  • CA SYSVIEW Customization and Exploitation Options
  • JES2 Commands
  • UNIX Systems Services
  • MVS CPU Commands
  • MVS Storage Commands
  • MVS I/O Commands and SYSPLEX Commands
  • MVS Workload Manager (WLM) Commands
  • MVS Systems Programmer Tools/Utilities
  • MVS Exception Handling
  • CA SYSVIEW for CICS Component
  • CA SYSVIEW for MQ Component
  • CA SYSVIEW for IMS Component
  • CA SYSVIEW for TCP/IP Component
  • CA SYSVIEW for DB2 Components

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