CA Vantage Storage Resource Manager: Managing DASD and Tape Storage: Foundations 200

Training Summary
CA Vantage Storage Resource Manager (CA Vantage SRM) centrally manages complex storage environments to help ensure that critical storage assets are fully optimized, data is protected, and application outages are eliminated. Proactive, policy-based exception management automates routine manual functions to increase personnel productivity and improve service levels. In this course, you will learn about using the browser interface to locate data and problems, how to use General Object Automation (GOA), customizing object views/output, and various methods of reporting. CA Vantage SRM maximizes budgeting accuracy and delivers significant savings through improved storage media utilization and optimization. Additionally, the status of multiple systems can be seen at a glance, enabling efficient management of the entire DASD and tape environment.
An understanding of basic storage management concepts and a familiarity with z/OS are required for this course.
3 Days/Lecture& Lab
  • System Administrators
  • System Programmers
  • Operators
  • Database Center Managers
  • IT Managers
Course Topics
  • Getting Started
  • Object Logging and Trend Reports
  • Customizing
  • Controlling Scripts and Event Servers
  • Using General Object Automation
  • Message Automation
  • DFSMShsm Option
  • Object Join
  • Generalized Summary Objects
  • System Level Usage and Operation

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