CA Workload Automation EE r11.3: Foundations 200

You require a workload automation product to service your cross-platform application workloads and enterprise-wide dependencies. CA Workload Automation EE (ESP Edition) is a mainframe-hosted workload automation product that enables you to do this through event-based automation, workload prioritization, dynamic critical path analysis, and real-time alerting. This course provides you with the basic skills required to monitor and manage cross-platform workloads and enterprise-wide schedules. You will be taught how to create and customize applications, monitor and control workflow, and create procedures to perform complex processing. You will also apply variables to create standard reusable processes and create alerts to determine responses to a set of workload conditions
  • A basic understanding of IBM Time Sharing Option (TSO) or Interactive System Productivity Facility (ISPF)
  • A basic knowledge and understanding of how jobs are scheduled in a production environment
  • CA Workload Automation EE r11.3: Operator 200 03WSC20011 Four (8) hours
3 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for Job Scheduler, Job Management Service Manager, System Administrator and Data Administrator
  • Describe CA Workload Automation EE
  • Create Events
  • Create Applications
  • Work With Procedures
  • Automate Your Workload
  • Apply Resources
  • Customize Applications
  • Monitor Workload
  • Control Workload
  • Process Alerts
  • Create Reports

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