Cassandra Development

Cassandra is one of the widely used NoSQL in Big Data industry today which is influenced by Amazon dynamo and google BigTable. It Implements a replication model of Dynamo and data modelling of Google BigTable. This training provides in-depth coverage which skills participants with administration, modelling, troubleshooting and reporting capabilities using Cassandra.
There are no prerequisites for this course.
3 Days/Lecture & Labs
Application or data architectDatabase administrator/DeveloperManager /System Analyst
  • Big Data Essentials
  • Introducing NoSQL and Cassandra
  • A Technical Introduction to Cassandra
  • CQL SQL for NoSQL-I
  • CQL SQL for NoSQL-II
  • Designing Cassandra Data Model
  • Working with Cassandra command line interface
  • Using API
  • Provisioning Model
  • Basic Administration of Cassandra cluster
  • Securing Cassandra
  • Performance Management
  • Monitoring Cassandra Servers
  • Hadoop and Cassandra Integration (On Demand)

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