Cassandra for Developers

Training Summary
Modern, large-scale applications involve dealing with Big Data, which is often larger than what traditional databases (RDBMS) can handle. The Cassandra (C*) is a massively scalable NoSQL database that provides high availability and fault tolerance. This hands-on course will introduce Cassandra, concepts, data modeling, and CQL (Cassandra Query Language). The focus is practical aspects of working with C* effectively. We will also cover “anti-patterns” and best practices, that will lead to optimal C* implementations in high-performance production systems.
  • Comfortable with Java programming language
  • Comfortable in Linux environment (navigating command line, running commands)
3 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for Developers, Architects, and Database admins.
Course Topics
  • Introduction to Big Data / NoSQL
  • Cassandra Essentials
  • Data Modeling – part 1
  • Data Modeling – part 2
  • C* Java API
  • C* Internals
  • C* Admin
  • C* Best Practices
  • C* Case Studies
  • C* Data Modeling labs
  • C* Workshop (Time permitting)

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