CCC Professional Cloud Administrator

Training Summary
The Cloud Credential Council (CCC) Professional Cloud Administrator™ certification provides the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively operate as a Cloud administrator. This professional-level course is particularly relevant to professionals with 2-5 years of experience as administrators. Cloud computing has become one of the most important buzzwords in our fast-paced world. Its benefits have been recognized by a varied set of professionals and organizations, from reduced costs to collaboration efficiency and scalability. Microsoft, Google, and Adobe are only a few of the major companies using it to great effect. The interaction between a Cloud environment and the existing network/administrative policies is one of the most challenging management issues to resolve in today’s tech world. It’s no wonder more and more organizations are feeling pressed to seek competent Cloud administrators to support their digital transformation journey. They are the ones, after all, to configure and maintain the cloud platform as well as master all aspects regarding Cloud provisioning. The industry-recognized CCC Professional Cloud Administrator certification provides you a hands-on, practical approach to Cloud provisioning for administrators and touches upon all the aspects of administering Cloud services. The training covers best practices on Cloud administration, Open Source, as well as global vendor standards. Once the certification exam is passed, you are awarded a diploma and digital badge officially recognizing you have achieved the CCC Professional Cloud Administrator certification and are now a member of the Cloud Credential Council’s global community.
There are no prerequisites for this course.
3 Days/Lecture & Lab
The following departments benefit from CCC Professional Cloud Administrator-certified professionals:
  • Administrative/Management
  • Operations
  • Research & Development
  • Other
CCC Professional Cloud Administrator jobs include:
  • Network Administrators
  • Senior Operators
  • Service Desk Managers
  • Systems Administrators
Course Topics
  • Cloud Resource Administration and Provisioning
  • Scalable and Elastic Administration
  • Cloud Interoperability & Portability
  • Strategic Policy Design for Cloud Usage and Compliance
  • Business Continuity Strategies and Disaster ::Recovery for Cloud
  • Cloud Security Fundamentals
  • Federated Controls and Strategies for Multiple ::Cloud and Non-cloud Administration
  • Performance Measures, Monitoring and Optimization in Production

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