C)CSO - Certified Cloud Security Officer with Certification Exam - M2CCSO - NA

Training Summary
Mile2�s Certified Cloud Security Officer (CCSO) 5 Day certification course. The Cloud is being widely adopted today for a diverse set of reasons. However, many are finding that security in the cloud is a huge challenge. either because of implementation or governance. Yes, governance of security, related to your cloud vendor is a huge challenge. However, many global standards have been developed that provide a great baseline for cloud security along with governance.
40 Hours
Virtualization Administrators, Cloud Administrators, CIO, Virtualization and Cloud Auditors, Virtualization and Cloud Compliance Officers, anyone that needs a general understanding of security in the Cloud, those seeking the CCSP Certification
Course Topics
To fully understand Cloud Security from a real-world viewpointTo receive the hands-on experience needed to implementCloud Security with practical implementationsTo comprehend the industry security standards for both exam knowledge and implementationTo have a general working knowledge of what to audit in a cloud architectureTo know hands-on methods of auditing a cloud environment from the best practices viewpointTo understand how compliance is viewed and dealt with in the cloudTo gain the knowledge needed to pass the CCSO certification exam

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