Certified Data Scientist - R Language, SAS and Excel Training

Training Summary
This course is tailor-made for professionals seeking to enter the Analytics industry. The comprehensive training in Business Analytics comprises of the three most popular languages utilized in the industry: R, SAS and Excel. It is an all-in-one package for aspiring professionals to gain expertise in R programming language, SAS, MS Excel and essential statistical techniques. Participants at the end of the training will gain maximum benefits and would be technically competent in data analytics processes such as reporting, clustering, predictive modeling & time series analysis by using R language, SAS Platform and MS Excel.
Though there are no specific pre-requisites, individuals with a strong bent in logical, reasoning and strong mathematical skills will find the course suitable.
12 Days/Lecture & Labs
This course is meant for students and professionals looking to enter the field of data analytics and work as a data scientist or a business analyst professional.
Course Topics
  • Introduction to Analytics
  • Statistical Concepts and Their Application in Business
  • Basic Analytic Techniques - Using R
  • Predictive Modelling Techniques - Using R
  • Basic Analytic Techniques - Using SAS
  • Predictive Modelling Techniques - Using SAS

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