Certified IT Asset Manager (CITAM)

Training Summary
The CITAM Course, intended to guide individuals within the profession and align the needs of the organization with ITAM best practices for the benefit of the organization, was originally developed by professional IT Asset Managers to codify a number of existing IAITAM professional development programs. IAITAM’s Certification in IT Asset Management has evolved over the years to accommodate the changes in the profession which caused an evolutionary change in the course as well. This hands-on course will allow professionals to review existing infrastructure, policies and processes and work from the existing model to plan a real-world IT Asset Management Program for the future – one that is applicable to the global work place and inclusive of a widely dynamic range of issues as well as properly managing IT assets across the enterprise. The primary purpose of this course is to educate ITAM professionals to manage IT assets while aligning with the organizational business drivers that promote ROI, reduces risk and increases productivity. By attending this course the attendee will be able to understand and utilize the dependencies, relationships and benefits of the KPAs found within an effective IT Asset Management Program; specify and define the duties and responsibilities necessary to be an effective IT Asset Manager; as well as be able to obtain and display an understanding of the resources and commitment necessary to implement a fully functional IT Asset Management Program. Training to be provided by Anglepoint which is an accredited training organization with IAITAM.
Before taking this course, it is strongly recommended that students have prior CSAM/CHAMP certification and/or a well-founded working knowledge of IT Asset Management and an understanding of the student’s organization’s business model.
3 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for ITAM professionals.
Course Topics
  • Introduction to IAITAM
  • Instructor Introduction
  • Student introductions
  • ITAM Code of Ethics
  • Description of a Certified IT Asset Manager
  • Overview of the ITAM Program
  • Foundation Processes (Program, Project, Policies) Communication and Education
  • Description of Key Process Areas (KPA)
  • How they relate to each other
  • Why the KPA’s are necessary and how they will benefit your organization
  • Project Management
  • Project Descriptions
  • Course discussion of Projects
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Homework assignment
  • Homework review, Course Discussion on ::Projects and any Outstanding Roles and ::Responsibilities and workflows from homework
  • Culmination Exercise: Bringing it all Together
  • Class Discussion: What was learned from the ::Workflow Activity?
  • Exam Review

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