ChatGPT for Developers

Training Summary
ChatGPT is ideal for developers to speed up coding and debugging their projects. This instructor-led training class covers the most useful and time-saving techniques of integrating ChatGPT with your daily workflow.
You should be familiar with basic programming concepts and have written more than 5,000 lines of code. Basic knowledge of Python, HTML/CSS and JavaScript is helpful but not required.
.5 Days/Lecture
This course is designed for developers, devops engineers and database administrators.
Course Topics
  • Hidden Features in the ChatGPT Interface
  • Limitations of ChatGPT as a Developer Tool
  • Commenting and Reformatting Code
  • Tips for Prompting
  • When to Use the GPT-3 Playground
  • Generating Code
  • Dealing with Multiple Files and Large Text
  • Working with Existing Code
  • Hacks

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