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Students will learn to write online application programs using CICS Command Level Interface. They will learn the fundamentals of program control, VSAM file processing, Terminal I/O, as well as program testing and debugging techniques. This course can be taught on current release of CICS/TS or any previous release.

Experience with COBOL coding techniques Experience with VSAM Experience with TSO/ISPF Experience with IMS and/or DB2 is helpful, but not required

5 Days/Lecture & Lab

Programmers and programmer/analysts who have a need to develop effective and efficient on-line systems

  • Definition and Overview of CICS
  • Basic Architecture and Processing Concepts
  • System Tables (PPT, PCT, FCT)
  • Control and User Areas
  • Program Design Considerations
  • Technical Communication (Including BMS)
  • File Operations (READ, WRITE, DELETE and browse options)
  • Program and Task Communication
  • Advanced File I/O and BMS (Basic Mapping Support)
  • Debugging use CEDF (CICS Execution Diagnostic Facility)

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