CICS TS Web Services

For the past ten years one of the main corporate mandates has been on implementing web services. During the same period the major changes in CICS TS have been the implementing of web service functions, beginning with CICS TS 1.3. and continuing through CICS TS 4.2. This course will cover how CICS applications can talk to web browsers just as well as they can talk to web servers; with the introduction of web services and SOAP. All in all, CICS TS 4.2 is now an important player in implementing Service Oriented Architecture in your organization. This course will concentrate on the new facilities implemented through CICS/TS 4.2. We will discuss HTTP 1.1 support, CICS transactions acting as clients in a CICS/Web scenario, XML, SOAP, MTOM, XOP and web services.
A good knowledge of the standard CICS/API and Web technologies basics are required.
3 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is for programmers, system programmers, system architects and system analysts responsible for putting a CICS/Web application together. There are 5 exercises which will require a little bit of programming; all exercises will be using COBOL program skeletons.
  • Introduction
  • HTTP 1.1 Support
  • CICS Channel Container
  • Web Service, SOAP, and XML
  • CICS as a Web Service Provider
  • CICS as a web Service Requester
  • Message Processing
  • Security

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