CICS V5 Fundamentals - WM851G

Training Summary
An updated version of this course is available. For more information, click CICS V5.3 Fundamentals (WM806G).In this entry-level course, you learn about the basic concepts and facilities of IBM CICS Transaction Server V5. After completing this course, you have the prerequisite knowledge for all of the follow-on CICS application and systems programming courses that IBM Training offers.For information about other related courses, visit the IBM Training website:
You should have a basic knowledge of data processing and an IBM operating system.Some programming experience in a high-level language like COBOL or Java is helpful.
3 Days
This basic course is designed for IT personnel who have little or no CICS experience.
Course Topics
Describe the role of CICS in a business transaction environmentOutline the flow of a typical CICS transactionDescribe the functions that the primary CICS-supplied transactions performUse the CICS master terminal transaction (CEMT) to query and control system resourcesDescribe various ways of defining resources in CICSUse transactions that CICS supplies to define and manage resourcesExplain how CICS stores and manages resource definitionsDescribe the features of the CICS ExplorerList the facilities that CICSPlex System Manager providesDescribe how CICS implements securityList the recoverable resources of CICSDescribe CICS transaction backout and forward recoveryList the types of CICS startup and shutdownDescribe the facilities that CICS provides for maintaining the integrity of data that is associated with CICS programsDescribe CICS support for databases and Virtual Storage Access Method (VSAM) filesDescribe the functions of presentation, business, and data access logicDefine the role and use of the COMMAREAs and CHANNELs in CICS applicationsShow how CICS Basic Mapping Support (BMS) supports the 3270 displayDescribe the syntax of a CICS commandExplain how to handle exceptionsUse the transactions that CICS supplies for testing and debuggingDescribe the facilities that are available in CICS for intercommunication Learn about, Systems w/TPS, Mainframe TPS, Application Platforms TPS, z Enterprise Transaction Systems CICS Transaction Server for z/OS

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