CICS V5.3 CICSPlex System Manager Administration - WM856G

Training Summary
This advanced-level course is designed to teach the skills that are needed to install, configure, and use CICS TS System Manager components and functions.The course begins with an overview of the CICSPlex System Manager (CICSPlex SM) environment, and then covers the installation process for CICSPlex SM. It explains how to configure and start a CICSPlex Managing Address Space (CMAS) and the web user interface (WUI) server, and how to use the CICS Explorer CICS management client interface (CMCI) in addition to the WUI.Throughout the course, you learn about the interfaces that the product supplies, such as the WUI, application programming interface (API), batch repository utility (BATCHREP), CICS Explorer, and service delivery platform cloud computing. You learn how to configure and control each of the functional components of CICSPlex SM, including topology (TOP), Workload Manager (WLM), real-time analysis (RTA), monitor (MON), and Business Application Services (BAS). The course explains how to define CICS Manager Address Spaces and describes the CICSPlex SM security environment, including the external security manager RACF definitions. You also learn how to use CICSPlex SM resources to configure and deploy a
Be familiar with CICS architecture and facilities, either through experience or by successfully completing CICS V5.3 Fundamentals (WM806) and CICS V5.3 Systems Tailoring and Administration (WM816)Have a working knowledge of CICS TS Intercommunication facilities
5 Days
This course is designed for CICS system programmers, system designers, and operations staff members who are responsible for planning, installing, operating, or managing a CICSplex by using CICSPlex SM.
Course Topics
Describe CICSPlex System Manager and its functions and componentsInstall CICSPlex System ManagerDescribe and use the web user interface (WUI) that is provided by CICSPlex System ManagerConfigure and define CICSplexes and associated CMAS environments by using the WUIDefine and use the CICS Explorer to configure the CMCI to connect to a CICSplexDefine CICS systems to CICSPlex System Manager by using the WUI and CMCIManage the operations of a CICSplex of CICS systems by using the WUI and CMCICreate definition records that CICSPlex System Manager applications can use as directives, such as Workload Manager, real-time analysis, and Monitor ServicesUse CICSPlex System Manager (CPSM) commands to view and dynamically manage the data that CICSPlex System Manager applications useUse the BAS to create and manage CICS resources through application scopesUse the WUI editor facilities to define WUI views, menus, users, and user groups, and to edit favoritesDescribe the CPSM API and use BATCHREPDescribe and use the CICS Explorer to deploy a CICS platform and application to the cloud, Systems w/TPS, Mainframe TPS, Application Platforms TPS, z Enterprise Transaction Systems CICS Transaction Server for z/OS

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