CICS/TS Advanced Application Programming Workshop

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CICS/TS Advanced Application Programming Workshop

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This course is designed for the student who desires a more in-depth understanding of application performance considerations and sophisticated CICS features.

The student should have a familiarity with command level CICS/TS.

4 Days/Lecture & Lab

This course is intended for application programmers and analysts.

  • Utilizing BMS mapping techniques to reduce line transmission traffic
  • When and why to use "locate mode" I/O
  • Techniques to reduce file contention
  • Techniques for additional storage (GETMAIN, TWA, CSA, TCTUA)
  • When and how to utilize temporary storage
  • Automatic task initiation through transient data and interval control
  • Efficient error handling techniques and ABEND trapping
  • Creating the mapset and application code to implement the BMS paging facility

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