CICS/TS Architecture Part 1 - Foundations

Training Summary
This course enables Systems Programmers and Systems Administrators to gain a clear and true grasp of CICS architecture from the ground up. By understanding the Kernel, the Dispatcher, the Transaction Manager and the Application Domains, not only do all of the subsequent components fall into place, but also the fundamentals for Debugging, Performance Tuning and Application Design begin to become a reality. There are two modules in the 'Architecture Series' and it is recommended that they be taken in order. Parts 1 & 2 may be run consecutively or with a consolidation gap between them
Experience of the externals of CICS, such as application and/or systems programming and/or resource definition and administration is preferred. Prior CICS internals knowledge is not required.
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for CICS Systems Programmers and CICS Administrators.
Course Topics
  • Domain Architecture
  • IBM Dump & Trace Utilities
  • Domain Manager, Dump and Trace Domains
  • Kernel Domain
  • Dispatcher Domain
  • Transaction Manager Domain
  • Application Domain
  • ENQ Domain
  • Loader Domain
  • Program Manager
  • Transaction Dumps
  • CICS/Db2 Interface

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