CICS/TS for System Programmers

Training Summary
Upon completion, attendees will be able to understand how to install CICS/TS using zOSMF and customize a new CICS/TS system using DFHISTAR. They will be able to describe how CICS resources are defined and how CICS Communicates with VTAM and TCPIP. The attendee will understand the RACF Security interface, the VSAM and DB2 interfaces as well as the Operational and Intersystem Communication Interfaces. The major CICS Utilities are also covered as is Startup and Shutdown, Recovery and Logging. The attendees will also be able to describe the CICS-MQ Interface, Threadsafe and understand CICS Web Services. A CICS/TS 6.1 system will be available for online access and workshops.
Participants should have six months’ experience supporting CICS Transaction Server.
5 days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for CICS Systems Programmers and Technical CICS Programmers needing a better understanding of CICS.
Course Topics
  • CICS Installation and Customization
  • CICS/TS Internal Structure
  • CICS/TS Storage Manager
  • The CICS Tables
  • Resource Definition Online
  • CICS/VTAM/TCPIP Interface
  • CICS to MQ Connectivity
  • CICS Security Requirements
  • File Control and DB2
  • CICS Operations
  • Defining and Controlling MRO & LUTYPE6.2 & IPIC
  • Understanding CICS/TS Logging
  • Recovery and Restart
  • CICS Utilities
  • CICS/TS Web Services
  • Understanding CICS/TS Threadsafe

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