CICS/TS Structure & Problem Analysis

This course is a discussion of the various types of outages that affect CICS/TS' normal execution and of the tools available to resolve them. Participant will be provided with the debugging skills that are necessary to perform very efficient problem solving.
Students should have experience with technical programming or CICS system programming.
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for CICS system programmers and technical support specialists. Experienced application programmers could also benefit from this class providing they are receptive to the idea of having to understand CICS internal structure. We will provide the dumps. The client is also encouraged to supply some of its own dump for analysis in the classroom.
  • CICS/TS Architecture Review
  • CICS/TS Externals
  • CICS/TS Internals
  • CICS/TS Dumps and Traces
  • Problem Investigation

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