CICS/TS System Administration

In this course, the student will learn CICS from the initialization (startup) to a controlled/uncontrolled shutdown. Learn and maintain application and system resources. Learn how to approach and solve CICS problems. Understand CICS internal design architecture and performance options.
Students should have some online background.
4 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is intended for system programmers, application programmers, operators and managers who need to understand and/or maintain their CICS Systems.
  • CICS Overview ("The Big Picture"), terminology and connectivity
  • Startup and Shutdown
  • Program Structure, Program Control, File Control, Temporary Storage, Interval Control
  • Task Control, Storage Control, Recovery
  • Supplied Transactions (CEMT, CEDA, CMAC, CETR, CEBR, CECI)
  • Transaction Management, Maximum Task, Task Classes, Run-time limits
  • Defining and maintaining resource definitions on-line
  • Problem determination, system dumps (IPCS) application dumps, messages and codes, tracing
  • Storage issues; Storage violations, Dynamic Storage Areas, SOS conditions, Address space layout

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