Cisco ICM Product Training Part 1(ICMPT1)

The Cisco Intelligent Contact Manager course provides an understanding of ICM system terminology, features, functions, components, and capabilities. This course provides extensive coverage of ICM configuration, scripting, and tools such as Call Tracer and other ICM Utilities. During the extensive course labs, students add a contact centre, complete configuration, perform contingencies in scripting, and create and use Enterprise Services and Skill Groups. Labs include starting Call Generator and monitoring a script with simulated live data. The course concludes with the reporting capabilities of ICM. WebView is used to launch several different report templates, set thresholds, and perform drilldowns. This course is based on ICM Release 7.0.
Call Center Experience-Communication Manager Experience-CIPT1-UCCXD
4 Days/Lecture & Lab
Customers, Channel Partners / Resellers, Call Center support staff, ICM or IPCCE staff.
  • Course Introduction
  • Contact Centers and Routing
  • ICM Components and Concepts
  • ICM Options and integration
  • ICM Routing
  • Configuration of Boston Site
  • ICM Script Editor
  • Configuration Labs
  • Database Routing
  • Configuration Labs
  • Translation Routing
  • Adding a Second Site
  • ICM Reporting

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