Cisco/Bay-Nortel Router Configuration Techniques

This course reviews the concepts and elements of TCP/IP architecture. Internet networking, TCP/IP protocols, implementation, management, routing principles and basic Cisco/Nortel routing will also be covered. The course will briefly review TCP/IP theory, discuss the installation, post-installation issues, general troubleshooting theory, proactive troubleshooting, troubleshooting techniques and tools.
The student should have a basic understanding of computers, computer networks and a reasonable exposure to TCP/IP.
5 Days
This course is designed for network technicians who are reasonably conversant with TCP/IP and those who have an interest in building or using Router networks, management responsible for implementation of Router networks, technicians, and help desk personnel.
  • Overview of network operating systems
  • Topologies and physical connectivity
  • Network design considerations
  • Networking hardware
  • Local area network protocols
  • Network planning
  • IP address classes
  • Subnetting
  • IP addressing
  • The seven layer stack
  • TCP/IP protocol suite
  • Applications
  • Router communication protocols
  • Cisco Router commands
  • Cisco Router Configuration labs
  • Nortel Router commands
  • Nortel Configuration using "Site Manager"
  • Network event symptomology
  • Advanced tools and strategies

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