C)ISSO Certified Information Systems Security Officer

Training Summary
C)ISSO Certification aims to ensure that the holder has a broad base of knowledge covering a large variety of INFOSEC areas to ensure that they are able to effectively run an INFOSEC team and establish a cybersecurity culture. If you are looking for the “gotta have it” cybersecurity course, then the Certified Information Systems Security Officer is for you. The C)ISSO will prepare you for multiple managerial roles inside the INFOSEC community by covering a broad range of topics. You will learn theories in security concepts, practices, monitoring and compliance in IS management. An Information Systems Security Officer is able to implement and maintain cost-effective security controls that are closely aligned with business and industry standards. The C)ISSO certification course is an ideal way to increase knowledge, expertise, and skill for managers, auditors, and INFOSEC professionals. At Mile2 we consider the C)ISSO to be one of our flagship courses. The things you learn in this course can be applied to management, prevention teams, and recovery professionals. Material learned in the Live Class or Self-Study options will apply directly to the certification exam.
Before taking this course, students should have 5 years’ experience in 2 modules, or 5 years of experience in IS Management.
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for:
  • IS Security Officers
  • IS Managers
  • Risk Managers
  • Auditors
  • Information Systems Owners
  • IS Control Assessors
  • System Managers
  • Government Employees
Course Topics
  • Risk Management
  • Security Management
  • Identity Management
  • Access Control
  • Security Models and Evaluation Criteria
  • Operations Security
  • Symmetric Cryptography and Hashing
  • Asymmetric Cryptography and Hashing
  • Network Connections
  • Network Protocols and Devices
  • Telephony, VPNs, and Wireless
  • Security Architecture and Attacks
  • Software Development Security
  • Database Security
  • Malware and Software Attacks
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
  • Incident Management, Law, and Ethics
  • Physical Security

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