Cloud Computing: The Three Revolutions

Training Summary
Many people are aware of the infrastructure revolution that cloud computing promises: provisioning agility, easy elasticity, pay-as-you-go pricing. But fewer realize the revolutionary implications cloud computing carries for applications and IT processes. Simply put, implementing virtualization does not address the key challenges IT organizations will face in the future, and something more than server consolidation or even high availability is critical. In this webinar, Bernard Golden will discuss how cloud computing will affect all dimensions of IT and how IT organizations will need to respond to remain relevant in the future.About Bernard GoldenBernard Golden has been called a "cloud guru." He is the CEO of HyperStratus, a Silicon Valley cloud computing consultancy which works with clients in the US and throughout the world. The firm's clients include Korea Telecom, Sensato Capital, and the Silicon Valley Education Foundation. HyperStratus provides cloud computing services in the areas of application security, system architecture and design, TCO analysis, and project implementation.Bernard is the Cloud Computing Advisor for CIO Magazine. His blog has been called "brilliant and incisive" and is read by tens of thousands of people each month. His blog was named "Top 50 Cloud Computing Blog" by Sys-Con Media, a "20 Most Important Cloud Blog" by AlwaysOn Media, and in a recent poll by AppDynamics his was cited as the third most influential cloud computing blog. Bernard's writings on cloud computing have also been published by the New York Times and the Harvard Business Review.Bernard is the author of Virtualization for Dummies, the most popular book on the subject ever published. He is also the co-author of Creating the Infrastructure for Cloud Computing (Intel Press, 2011). Bernard is a popular and engaging presenter, and has keynoted conferences from Moscow to Peru.
1 Hour/Lecture
Course Topics
Why virtualization isn't enough::Key characteristics of cloud computing::How cloud computing improves IT::The cloud computing software stack::Streamlining processes to support cloud computing::Why every organization should have a hybrid infrastructure plan::Creating a cloud computing action plan

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