Cloud-Native Apps

Training Summary
This program will help your team progress along the road to building cloud-native apps. It is intended for software architects and engineers. It gives them a practical level of experience, achieved through a combination of about 50% lecture, 50% demo work with student’s participation
Familiarity with software development. Be able to navigate the Linux command line Knowledge of a programming language.
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for Software Architects and Developers.
Course Topics
  • Microservices as an approach to the software development process
  • Reliability, scalability, and resilience (12-factor app architectures)
  • CI/CD with Jenkins, Maven, Git, or similar components
  • Containerization such as Docker and Kubernetes
  • PAAS such as Cloud Foundry or OpenShift
  • The pervasive use of AI

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