Cloud-native Intro with KCNA exam.prep. KBS-052

Cloud-native technologies are reshaping the way how IT Services are built and operated. Understanding the functionalities of the building blocks and the resulting cloud-native systems will allow you to make good decisions on your way of planning and building the next generation IT and telco systems. This course will present the main features of Docker - the tool for building and running containers, Kubernetes - the platform for orchestrating containers, Helm - the package manager that allows us deploy applications in Kubernetes in a consistent way, and Istio - a Service Mesh solution for interconnecting distributed applications. It also contains an introduction to CI/CD pipelines in cloud-native systems.
A general understanding of operating systems, virtualization, and networking concepts are required for this course.
2 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for technical managers, project leaders as well as IT and Telco professionals who want to familiarize themselves with cloud-native technologies.
  • Application containers and Docker
  • Container orchestration and Kubernetes
  • Packaging applications with Helm
  • Service mesh with Istio
  • CI/CD pipelines in cloud-native systems

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