Coaching and Mentoring for Improved Performance

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Participants in this course learn coaching skills and strategies necessary to maximize coaching effectiveness and build overall leadership effectiveness. Practical skills are taught through a series of lectures, hands-on workshops, and case-studies designed to build core coaching skills within the context of acting as a leader.

Topics covered include understanding their own strengths and opportunities for development as a coach, coaching best practices, dealing with both motivated and less motivated individuals, tactics for increasing team effectiveness through coaching, and practical application of the skills and behaviours covered in the classroom through role-play and case-study.

There are no prerequisites for this course.

3 Days/Lecture & Lab

  • Coaching and Organization Performance
  • The Role of Coach
  • Defining Exceptional Coaching
  • What is Feedback
  • The Feedback Model
  • The Coaching Framework
  • Essential Coaching Behaviours
  • Coaching for Performance/Coaching for ::Development
  • Identifying and Acting on Coaching Opportunities
  • Managing Emotions in Coaching Opportunities
  • Coaching Biases
  • Coaching Individuals vs Coaching Teams
  • Coaching Effectiveness Self-Assessment
  • Case-Studies and Practical Application

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