Coaching for a High Performance Team

Training Summary
Participants in this course learn coaching skills and strategies necessary to maximize coaching effectiveness and build overall leadership effectiveness. Topics covered include understanding their own strengths and opportunities for development as a coach, coaching best practices, dealing with both motivated and less motivated individuals, and tactics for increasing team effectiveness through coaching.
There are no prerequisites for this course.
1 Day/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for managers, supervisors, and team leaders, members of work teams and project teams, and anyone who strives for a team-focused organization.
Course Topics
Coaching and Organization Performance – identifying the key benefits of coaching in improving team productivity and performance.
  • The Role of Coach - what is a coach, and what are the sources of power coaches use to help empower others in their role as coach.
  • Defining Exceptional Coaching – what is effective coaching, what are barriers to coaching success, and what are ways to overcome barriers to coaching success.
  • Feedback - what feedback is and what feedback is not, and how feedback is related to coaching high performance teams.
  • The Coaching Framework - a six-step coaching model for coaching a high performance team.
  • Essential Coaching Behaviours – a list of essential coaching behaviours.
  • Coaching for Performance/Coaching for Development – the difference between coaching for improved performance and coaching for development.
  • Identifying and Acting on Coaching Opportunities – identifying and acting on coaching opportunities.
  • Managing Emotions in Coaching Opportunities – the emotional aspects of coaching how to manage them.
  • EQ, Motivation and Coaching – drawing on Daniel Golman’s Emotional Intelligence model and its applicability to coaching high performance teams.

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