COBOL 370 Enhancements

This is a hands-on course designed to instruct computer professionals in the use of the enhanced features of COBOL 85 and COBOL 370. This course will also address the major additions from COBOL 74.
Students should have experience with the TSO/ISPF primary option menu and COBOL.
3 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for Analysts and Programmers.
Scope Terminators - Using Scope Terminators to Explicitly End a Statement.::INITIALIZE Verb - Initialize Elementary Items Within a Group Item.::In-Line PERFORM Statements - Make Code More Like Pseudocode.::EVALUATE Verb - Test a Series of Multiple Conditions Using Case Structure.::OCCURS Clause - Enhanced to Include Up to Seven Levels.::De-Editing - Move Report Items to Numeric Fields.::INTRINSIC Functions - Use Intrinsic Functions Such As DAY-OF-WEEK, Numeric Analysis, Trigonometric and Financial Functions.::String Functions - Use String Functions to Modify Data.::Relative MOVE Statements - Reference a Portion of an Elementary Item in a Move Statement.::Paragraph Names in SORT Statements - Use of Paragraph Names INPUT And OUTPUT PROCEDURE Statements.::Expanded Relational Operators - The Use of >= and

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