COBOL Application Programming

This course will cover I/O processing, conditional testing, arithmetic operations, table handling, subprogram concepts and linkage conventions. The course will cover structured programming using the new COBOL for MVS constructs for Do groups (inline performs), Dowhile, Dountil, Selection (IF THEN ELSE) and Case (evaluate). This course is current to the latest release of Enterprise COBOL but can be taught for any predecessors.
Students should have a basic familiarity with TSO/ISPF (or equivalent) for editing programs and submitting jobs. Knowledge of another programming language is helpful but not required.
5 Days/Lecuture & Lab
This course is designed for application programmers and systems analysts who are or will be using the COBOL 85 standard from COBOL for MVS thru Enterprise COBOL.
  • COBOL divisions identification, environment, data and procedure
  • Programming techniques in COBOL II in-line performs (do groups), evaluate (case), perform with test after (dountil), perform with test before (dowhile), if then else (selection) and sequence
  • Basic I/O functions and verbs open, close, read, write, rewrite, start, file organization, file access mode, fixed and variable length records processing
  • Table handling techniques table creation, searching tables, binary vs. sequential searches, the SEARCH verb, indexing vs. subscripting and usage index data types
  • Subprogram concept static vs. dynamic calls, parameter list and linkage conventions, by content and reference, external data items

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