Cobol Sofware Development Testing Techniques

Training Summary
Software development and software testing have been separate but complementary skill set. However, recent trends in software development have resulted in tasks traditionally considered the responsibilities of testers becoming the responsibility of developers. This course is an introduction to the concepts, protocols, standards, and methods of software testing that provides developers who have little or no software testing experience with an overview of the aspects of software testing that are relevant to testing their code. Unit testing techniques and strategies that COBOL developers can use to leverage their development time and efforts. The course teaches COBOL developers how to use their testing efforts to gain development benefits including the use of test driven development to drive refactoring to produce better structure code and how to integrate the testing process into the debugging cycle to solve problems in code faster and more efficiently. TDD is a programming practice to support continuous testing of development code, which is used to develop "self-testing" code for unit testing. Refactoring is the practice of keeping the code base clean and robust by changing it without harming it - changing structure without causing unexpected changes in its functionality. Refractoring works in conjunction with TDD by allowing test results drive code changes and debugging efforts. This course is directed specifically to COBOL programmers. All of the exercises and lab work are done in COBOL and testing techniques are taught to emphasize how they are used in a COBOL program environment.
Students should have knowledge of and the ability to write COBOL code is required.
3 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for COBOL Developers and Testers who will be working in COBOL development.
Course Topics
Introduction to Software Testing::The Testing Problem::The Testing Process and Artifacts::TDD Why Write Tests First - Refactoring::Black Box Testing Methods::White Box Testing Methods::Integration and System Testing::Unit Testing::Logic and Model Testing Debugging Program Logic::Refactoring Overview::Static and Human Testing::COBOL Specific Issues

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