COBOL v5 Overview and Security (Custom for Alliance Data)

COBOL V5 Overview and Security was custom designed Exclusively for Alliance Data to address COBOL Security issues and to provide the latest e-COBOL Changes and Techniques.This seminar presents what's new in e-COBOL V5 and then focuses on using the applicable COBOL features to help ensure the design of secure, tight, and efficient, COBOL processing. The content of this seminar includes not only examples of multiple 'under the covers' input types, (EBCDIC, ASCII, UTF-8, UNICODE, etc.), from different origins, but also provides proven concepts and designs of how to effectively apply that knowledge to edit, validate, and corroborate input using e-COBOL no matter the data source, (XML, Batch, etc.), even when e-COBOL / Java interactions are involved.
There are no prerequisites for this course.
2 Days/Lecture & Lab
This seminar is designed for experienced COBOL programmers with a desire to leverage their legacy talents through understanding the new facilities in e-COBOL V5 and brush up their skills in regard to building effective, secure, COBOL applications.
  • e-COBOL What's New?
  • e-COBOL Relevant Compiler, Language and Run Time Changes
  • e-COBOL Edit, Validation and Corroboration Practices
  • Edit for Usability, Validate for Accuracy, Corroborate for Security
  • e-COBOL Data Encoding Management for Enhanced Security
  • Understanding EBCDIC, ASCII, UTF-8, Unicode 'under the covers'
  • e-COBOL XML Generate and Parsing Best Practices
  • e-COBOL / Java
  • Considerations, Interaction, Common Data Structures

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