ColdFusion Introduction

This course is an introduction to database-driven web application development using Macromedia's ColdFusion. Students will be introduced to the syntax, functions, tags, and possible development solutions required to understand and implement the ColdFusion application framework. Using conditional logic to manipulate application flow, students will build a secure web application that inserts new database records, updates and deletes existing database records, enables form field validation with a variety of methods, and re-populates a form with submitted data. They will create a keyword search application that allows a variety of user criteria, manage clients with cookies and incorporate user preferences to display customized content.
Students should have knowledge of Windows, and have HTML experience.
2 Days/Lecture & Lab
Introduction to ColdFusion::Web-to-Database Integration Using ColdFusion::Writing ColdFusion Code::Accessing the Date and Time in ColdFusion::Working with Variables in ColdFusion::Passing Variables Between Pages::Building Forms with ColdFusion::Conditionals in ColdFusion::An Overview of SQL::Querying a Database::Displaying Multiple Records Returned by a Query in HTML Table Format::Dynamically Populating Select List::Implementing Basic Data Drill-Downs::Inserting Records into the Database::Form Validation::Editing Records in the Database::Using the Tag to Redirect Users::Deleting Records from the Database::Generating Email Messaged with the Tag

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