The remote Collaboration API (com.plumtree.remote.prc.collaboration) provides programmatic access to many of the objects stored within AquaLogic Interaction (ALI) Collaboration. You can use this remote programming interface to embed collaborative components and functions into any Web application delivered through the ALI framework. This course takes users through the PRC's remote SOAP-based interface to the ALI Collaboration system providing two key benefits:Programmatic access to querying, creating, and modifying Collaboration objects and data.Ability to use collaboration components and data outside the constructs of ALI Collaboration (i.e., in portlets and applications).This course provides task-based scenarios, enabling students to get ample hands on experience with their upcoming project related tasks.
Students should have taken the Commonwealth AquaLogic 10 day Portal training or the Commonwealth Foundation class and the Portlet Development class prior to taking this class.
2 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for Portal Developers.

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