Communicating with Tact and Diplomacy

Your professional image, how others perceive you, and your ability to get things done is strongly influenced by not only what you communicate, but by how you communicate. Being able to communicate with tact and diplomacy is an essential skill that will help you to advance your career and be better at influencing others, and while being a technical expert is important, it's also about getting others to listen to you and work effectively with you.
There are no prerequisites for this course.
1 Day/Lecture & Lab
  • Introduction to the Course
  • What Is Communicating With Tact And Diplomacy?
  • How Others Perceive You and Your Communication Style
  • Communication Style Differences
  • Effective and Powerful Communication
  • The Importance of Active Listening Skills
  • Diplomacy, Tact and Credibility
  • Conclusion and Commitment to Action

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