Component Based Development and Service Oriented Architecture with UML

This course is aimed at the software developer or architect who wants to take a model-based approach to architecting enterprise components that provide business services. The course will teach the use of UML and the Catalysis approach to OO analysis and design. Catalysis is a software development process that focuses on how to develop component-based systems that provide business services.
Students should have some appreciation for the issues involved in specifying and building software applications as well as knowledge of an OO language (such as Java, C++, C#, Smalltalk...)
4 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is suitable for analysts and designers wishing to develop skills in modeling component architectures in UML and managers and architects wishing to learn a set of intellectual tools that can be used in a development.
  • Learn a proven process for creating service based enterprise components and component architectures;
  • Use UML, as a common language for talking about requirements, specifications, designs, and component interfaces;
  • Practice the main principles of architecting component systems for EJB with Catalysis(tm); and
  • Know the major tasks required to develop component models, frameworks, and software.
  • An introduction to Object Oriented technology
  • A basis for modeling
  • UML the notation
  • Techniques - constructing a model
  • Business rules
  • The model building process
  • Packaging the model
  • System specification
  • Building systems from components
  • Component specification
  • Component design with beans
  • Component design with objects
  • The presentation tier

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