Comprehensive Agile Architecture for Projects

This course starts with the story of how Agile arose to set the stage for understanding the motivation behind its growing popularity. It then walks through the details of what is affected by doing Agile and who is involved with a focus on the role of the architect. From conception to production and onto retirement, the course provides guidance as to what an architect is required to do at each step to ensure Agile projects are supported by robust and flexible architecture. It is a mixture of lectures and exercises providing opportunities to learn the concepts and how to apply them in the real world.
  • Knowledge of and experience with architecture programs is required
  • Experience with the software development process is assumed
  • Familiarity with the Agile manifesto and principles is recommended
3 Days/Lecture & Lab
Those involved in Agile projects: Architects, Software Development Team Leads, Technical leads, Agile team members, Business stakeholders.
  • Enterprise Agile and Its Scope
  • The Agile Architecture Role
  • Agile Requirements and Stakeholder Management
  • Agile Architecture Governance
  • Agile Decision Points
  • Agile From Development to Production

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