Comprehensive Angular 11

Angular allows developers to easily build dynamic, responsive single-page web applications that dynamically rewrite portions of the current page rather than having to generate a new page in response to every request. Comprehensive Angular training teaches attendees how to build applications using ES6, TypeScript, and modern front-end tools, including npm and Webpack. Students also gain an understanding of application architecture and design best practices in Angular, as well as learn how to authenticate, unit test, and manage application state in an Angular application. Note: This course is appropriate for all versions, Angular 2 through Angular 11.
Students should have programming experience with an object-oriented language. In addition, some experience with JavaScript is helpful, but the new language features of JavaScript and TypeScript are covered/reviewed in class.
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for those wanting to learn how to build an application from scratch using Angular 11.
  • Introduction
  • TypeScript and ECMAScript 6 (ES6) ::Fundamentals
  • Angular Overview
  • Components
  • Angular Modules (NgModule)
  • Project Set-Up (Using the Angular CLI)
  • Data Binding
  • Directives
  • Pipes
  • Advanced Components
  • Services & Dependency Injection
  • Dependency Injection
  • Model-driven Forms (Reactive Forms)
  • Communicating with the Server using the ::HttpClient Service Router
  • Deploying an Angular Application to ::Production
  • Ivy: Next-Generation Compilation & ::Rendering Pipeline
  • Upgrading to the latest version of Angular from earlier versions
  • Unit Testing
  • RxJS and Observables
  • Security
  • Change Detection
  • Advanced Routing
  • Advanced Dependency Injection
  • Providers
  • Pipes
  • Conclusion

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