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JIRA is an issue tracking and project management tool from Atlassian Software. This is a two-day, hands-on class for those with no prior experience with JIRA or any other sort of issue tracking software. The course covers all of the topics required to set-up, use, and administer JIRA in a work environment.

The course starts with an examination of what types of problems JIRA solves, how the automation solution by JIRA addresses those issues, and how JIRA integrates into the larger project management context and integrates with other tools that may be in use.

Students go through a complete hands-on exploration of JIRA and its features, from both a user perspective and from an administration perspective. At the end of each section, students self-test their own mastery of topics by doing challenge exercises where they create JIRA solutions to posed problems.

During the course, examples are liberally provided, emphasizing JIRA best practices and common mistakes to be avoided that are made by JIRA users and administrators. This is in keeping with the overall goal of the course which is to not just have students master the JIRA product but also be able to effectively plan and administer its use in his or her own environment.

In addition to the topics covered below, students will be able to raise additional topics they would like to cover related to the course material, subject to time restrictions.

There are no prerequisites for this course.

2 Days/Lecture & Lab

The course is suitable for anyone with no prior experience with JIRA or any other sort of issue tracking software.

  • The role of Issue Tracking processes in software development and support.
  • What JIRA does, what role it plays, and what needs it meets.
  • Installing JIRA and JIRA instances.
  • JIRA interface navigation and feature exploration.
  • Customizing the interface and user experience.
  • Working with users (access, roles, interfaces, ownership,etc).
  • Creating and configuring projects (categories, roles, notifications, security, etc).
  • Importing existing project data into JIRA.
  • JIRA backups and integration.
  • Working with issues (fields, filters, types, sub-tasks, etc).
  • Issue workflows and transition models.
  • Issue screens and customizations.
  • Customizing dashboards for reporting.
  • Other boards – wall boards, Agile boards, etc.
  • Best practices for configuration and administration.

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