Conflict Resolution

Conflict is a natural, vital part of life. When conflict is understood, it can become an opportunity to learn and create. The challenge for people in conflict is to apply the principles of creative cooperation in their human relationships.The session is very interactive and dynamic. Role-playing and case studies are built in to develop the participant's skills quickly. The handout is user friendly and it is a great tool for personal refreshment.
There are no prerequisites for this course.
1 Day/Lecture
This course is designed for Directors, Managers, Team Leaders and employees who want to improve their conflict resolution skills.
  • Positive Conflict VS. Negative Conflict
  • 3 Basic Sources And 3 Typical Responses To Conflict
  • Conflict And Communication
  • Impact Of Communicator Styles
  • 5 Conflict Management Strategies
  • Steps To Resolve Conflicts
  • Pit Falls To Avoid
  • Dealing With Difficult Issues
  • Action Plan

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