Constructing OPS/MVS Applications

Training Summary
This course is designed for the attendee who understands REXX and is ready to take the next step toward developing CA-OPS/MVS applications. The course will show you how to construct, manage and maintain your applications. Quizzes and labs are used to reinforce presented topics. This course can be customized to customers specific needs.
  • Understanding and Using OPS/MVS (PT1189), or equivalent knowledge.
  • Introduction to REXX Programming (PT1201) or equivalent knowledge of standard REXX clauses, keywords, and functions.
  • Understanding OPS/MVS RDF and SSM (PT1200)
4 Days/Lecture & Lab
Automation Analysts, z/OS Systems Programmers working with Automation, Lead console operators
Course Topics
  • OPS/MVS Introduction
  • Multi-System Facility (MSF)
  • OPS/REXX Review
  • Advanced OPS/REXX
  • AOF Rules Review
  • Advanced AOF Rules
  • OPS/MVS TSO Commands
  • OPSLOG WebView
  • Switch Operations Facility
  • Managing OPS/MVS Automation
  • Using OPS/MVS with UNIX System Services
  • Installing and Configuring USS Support
  • CICS Operations Facility
  • CICS Operations Facility Install
  • IMS Operations Facility
  • External Program Interface
  • Automating CA-7 with OPS/REXX
  • OPS/MVS New Features
  • Automation Web Services
  • z/OS Client Web Enablement Toolkit
  • Coding AutoMate format rules (optional)

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